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Tank Replacement

SOS XTREME Comfort Can Remove or Replace Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

If you have an underground or aboveground oil storage tank in southern NY or northern NJ that needs to be removed or replaced, just call SOS XTREME Comfort®.

We can handle all aspects of the job – from oil tank removal, to determining the best oil storage tank for your needs, to the installation of your new tank.

Our technicians are professionally trained in OSHA regulations and have had additional training that meets and exceeds the state requirements we operate within. We will answer all your questions and ensure that all local, county, state and federal requirements and paperwork are handled correctly.

Do you have an abandoned oil tank on your property?

An old abandoned underground oil tank can hurt your property value and cause a huge hassle should you want to sell your home. Buyers don’t want to assume ownership of a tank that might one day leak. That means you may need to drop your selling price more than you would like, an altogether unnecessary action if only the tank wasn’t there. Therefore, consider the wisdom of removing an old, unused tank that’s just wasting away underneath your lawn.

Service Request

For emergency service or repair please call us at (845) 351-8929.

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