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Generator Installation in NY, NJ & PA

Electricity has evolved far beyond a modern convenience in our homes. It’s vital and necessary, and without it we can be out of luck in a whole lot of ways. And unfortunately, there’s a whole list of complications that can that leave you without electricity in your home. Looking for a way to keep your home functional and safe no matter what comes? The home service professionals at SOS Xtreme Comfort can help with generator installation!

Our team has been helping homeowners in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, and North Jersey stay connected and comfortable for decades. With our generator installation services, you can ensure you’re totally covered across the board. With our expert technicians and top-class support experts you can be certain that during a storm or incident, the power stays on in your home or business.

Seeking generator installation in NY, NJ, or PA? Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort online to request an estimate, or call 845.351.4700 in Tuxedo Park or 570-618-8055 for our Milford, PA team!

Generator Installation Services

We offer whole-home generator installation that matches your home with the ideal setup. No two homes are exactly alike, and not everyone wants to power the same circuits. We get that, and we pledge all of our considerable knowledge and skill to matching you with the right generator choice that will keep you out of the dark. Whether you’re looking to power lights, HVAC, appliances, or the entire home as a whole, we’ve got the products and services to match your need.

The Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator in NY, NJ & PA

What’s so great about a whole-home generator installation from SOS Xtreme Comfort? A whole-home generator offers a whole lot more than just a spark of power. With a generator installed you get:

  • Complete coverage. The words whole home aren’t just token—a whole-home generator, when properly installed, is plenty stout enough to keep your entire home operating like nothing ever happened.
  • Long-term power when needed. We’re no strangers to wild storms, and you never know when a local incident could leave you without power for days, weeks even. Unlike a portable generator, a whole-home system can keep up with your needs for as long as necessary.
  • Appliance and device protection. We make use of tons of high-tech tools in our modern homes: tablets, computers, televisions, heating and cooling equipment—even smart fridges! And all of them are susceptible to shorting out or taking damage when the power surges on and off all the time. Generators mitigate this by switching to generator power seamlessly via an automatic transfer switch.
  • Home safety and security. A whole lot can go wrong during a storm, and even something as simple as lacking lights can put you and your family at risk. Generators protect against many of the issues you might encounter, keeping food safe, the lights on, and home security functional.

Whole-Home Generator Installation in NY, NJ & PA

Feel like you and your family could benefit from a whole-home generator installation? Contact the home service specialists that have been serving local homes and businesses for decades now! At SOS Xtreme Comfort we take your safety and security as a top priority and we strive to offer services that reflect both that, and our dedication to being the best.

Contact us online today to find out more about the generator systems we offer, or call our Tuxedo Park, NY office at 845-351-4700, or our Milford, PA team at 570-618-8055!

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