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Generator Repair in NY, NJ & PA

Countless home and business owners in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, and North Jersey trust whole-home generator systems to keep them safe and secure in the event of a power outage. Loss of power can happen at any time, robbing you of vital functions like lights, food preservation, and even your home heating and cooling. You need your generator to be dependable and in fine working order, so when something goes awry with the unit, you require service experts that can offer superior generator repair.

At SOS Xtreme Comfort our generator and home appliance specialists offer repair services that are a cut above. We take your needs and safety as a top priority, and we strive to be well-equipped and as available as possible. Through rigorous training and consistent dedication, we have become one of the most trusted home service names in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, and north Jersey, so you always know who you can turn to for whole-home generator repair.

If you’re interested in our generator services, feel free to contact us online any time, or you can call our Pennsylvania number at (570) 618-8055. You can also reach our Tuxedo Park, NY office at (845) 351-4700 or our Franklin, NJ office at (973) 827-8179.

Whole-Home Generator Repair in NY, NJ & PA

When you’re left at the mercy of an outage it can put a complete hold on your life and can even present security and health risks. You demand priority services that can handle the job right and a team that’s completely dedicated to helping you restore access to supplementary power. Our generator service specialists use a combination of top factory training and expert-level diagnostic equipment in order to assess your needs and offer a swift and accurate service.

When Do I Need to Call for Generator Repair?

While a complete breakdown or fail to start can be somewhat obvious, it’s best to catch complications before they reach complete failure status. Getting service when you need it—rather than when it’s too late—can save you money and stress, so pay attention for:

  • Slow or weak starting. Slow starting tends to be an early warning sign of component wear or poor electrical connections and can also indicate an issue with the transfer switch. These need servicing now in order to avoid complete system failure in the future.
  • Leaking on or around the generator. Any leaking whatsoever is a serious problem and can even present safety hazards. Be sure to check your generator routinely for any signs of a leak!
  • Failure to supply adequate power. A whole-home generator, when installed correctly, should have no trouble at all maintaining your home electrical needs. If you’re getting flickers or loss of power, it’s time to call for repair.
  • Low fuel efficiency. Loss of efficiency or increased fuel consumption indicates either a lack of routine servicing and maintenance or that it may be time to replace your generator system.

Whole-Home Generator Repair in NY, NJ & PA

When you need generator repair in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, and North Jersey, you need a company that has you and your family covered. If you’re experiencing any issue with your equipment, from a complete failure to just a minor concern, the team at SOS Xtreme Comfort can help. Call on our expert generator repair specialists now to schedule service, or give us a call to talk to a generator expert directly!

Don’t be without a functioning generator! Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort today for generator repair in NY, NJ, & PA.

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