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We Sell and Support World-class Oil- and Gas-fired Boiler Systems

SOS XTREME Comfort® goes above and beyond to ensure that the boilers we install will work trouble-free for as long as possible.

Unlike some heating contractors, we use only new parts for boiler installations. Nothing is recycled from other jobs or second-hand from other sources. All parts are new and will last for as long as they were manufactured to last.

As an additional service to our customers, we also install shut-off valves on all serviceable parts of the boiler system to help minimize any down time during future repairs. Our technician will be able to simply shut down the working area and then reopen the valve when done.

Finally, after we put in all that time and effort to make sure your boiler is installed to work long and hard for your family’s comfort, we provide you with even more protection by giving you a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Below are just some of the excellent natural gas, propane gas and oil-fired boiler brands and models that we sell, install, maintain and repair:

Viessmann® Vitodens 200 Propane Gas-Fired Wall-Mounted Boiler

Equipped with the industry’s first intelligent combustion management system and powerful control technology, the new generation Vitodens 200 gas-fired, wall-mount, condensing boiler delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and comfort.

  • Best value in its class with new industry-leading technology and the most standard features
  • Highest efficiency of up to 98% at full modulation and up to 96.1 percent A.F.U.E.
  • True high-altitude operation up to 10,000 feet with simple electronic adjustment
  • Low-emission combustion with Viessmann-made stainless steel MatriX cylinder burner that’s factory calibrated
  • Greater venting flexibility with increased vent length (up to 180 feet) and multiple venting options

Viessmann® Vitorond 200

Efficient. Durable. Reliable.

  • Efficient and reliable operation with modulated boiler water temperatures that help conserve energy by closely matching system output to actual demand. Viessmann system controls ensure consistent, maximum system efficiency. Combustion efficiency: 85 percent for gas and 88 percent for oil.
  • High operational reliability and a long service life achieved through the special Eutectoplex gray cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Low environmental impact thanks to low-emission combustion achieved by the boiler’s triple-pass design
  • Problem-free cleaning access facilitated by a hinged left- or right-swing combustion chamber door providing easy access to all three flue gas passageways from the front of the boiler, reducing side clearance
  • Comprehensive standard equipment saves valuable time in installation and sourcing of product. The supply and return header system is prebuilt for left or right connections and positions components properly
  • Maximum quality assurance–all components bearing the Viessmann name are designed and manufactured at company-owned production facilities

Slant Fin XL30

A high-efficiency oil-fired boiler designed to reduce fuel bills and provide years of dependable service.

  • Superb combustion for reliable, efficient home heating
  • Easy to clean and service
  • 25-year limited lifetime warranty

Slant Fin Sentry

Slant Fin’s Sentry is a gas-powered hot water boiler, ideal for a wide variety of boiler requirements. Its advanced design provides years of trouble-free, high-efficiency operation.

  • Intermittent ignition
  • Integral draft hood fit sites with clearance as low as 38 1/2 inches
  • Low profile makes problem installations easy
  • Advanced natural draft design promises efficiency & reliability
  • Includes a reliable, heavy-duty motorized vent damper to maximize efficiency
  • Metal push nipple to connect individual sections
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you’re interested in our boiler services, feel free to contact us online any time, or you can call our Pennsylvania number at (570) 618-8055. You can also reach our Tuxedo Park, NY office at (845) 351-4700 or our Franklin, NJ office at (973) 827-8179.

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