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We Sell and Support World-class Oil- and Gas-fired Boiler Systems

SOS XTREME Comfort® goes above and beyond to ensure that the boilers we install will work trouble-free for as long as possible.

Unlike some heating contractors, we use only new parts for boiler installations. Nothing is recycled from other jobs or second-hand from other sources. All parts are new and will last for as long as they were manufactured to last.

As an additional service to our customers, we also install shut-off valves on all serviceable parts of the boiler system to help minimize any down time during future repairs. Our technician will be able to simply shut down the working area and then reopen the valve when done.

Finally, after we put in all that time and effort to make sure your boiler is installed to work long and hard for your family’s comfort, we provide you with even more protection by giving you a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Below are just some of the excellent natural gas, propane gas and oil-fired boiler brands and models that we sell, install, maintain and repair:

Viessmann® Vitodens 200 Propane Gas-Fired Wall-Mounted Boiler

Viessmann® Vitodens 200 Propane Boiler

Equipped with the industry’s first intelligent combustion management system and powerful control technology, the new generation Vitodens 200 gas-fired, wall-mount, condensing boiler delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and comfort.

Viessmann® Vitorond 200

Viessmann® Vitorond 200 Boiler

Efficient. Durable. Reliable.

Slant Fin XL30 Boiler

Slant Fin XL30

A high-efficiency oil-fired boiler designed to reduce fuel bills and provide years of dependable service.

Slant Fin Sentry

Slant Fin Sentry Boiler

Slant Fin’s Sentry is a gas-powered hot water boiler, ideal for a wide variety of boiler requirements. Its advanced design provides years of trouble-free, high-efficiency operation.