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All You Need To Know About Propane & Propane Detectors

For many homeowners in the tri-state area, propane is a reliable way to heat their homes.

Propane is a clean-burning fuel that’s heavier than natural gas. It creates almost no emissions and leaves no ash. Pair your propane use with a high-quality propane detector to add to your peace of mind and safety. The detector will alert you to any leaks, so you can handle them before it becomes an emergency.


The Benefits of Propane

Not sure if propane is the best heating source for your home? There are multiple advantages to heating with propane:

  • Heats quickly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safer than other combustible gas fuels
  • Easily transportable

It can also be used off-the-grid and as a relatively eco-friendly option.


Safety Precautions for Propane in Your NY, NJ, or PA Home

Like anything that can combust, you need reliable safety measures when using propane to heat your home. Basic safety precautions you should implement include:

Leak Detection & Propane Detectors

The largest risk to the safety of your home and family is a propane leak. If the fuel in your propane tank escapes through cracks or holes, it can create a flammable gas cloud. That cloud can easily catch on fire from an electric spark, a cooking stove, or other flames.

A propane or carbon monoxide detector will help keep your home and family safe. The detector monitors the particulates around your propane tank. The alarm sounds when it senses a higher particulate concentration or a dangerous level.

Propane Inhalation

Propane inhalation is not toxic on its own. The problem occurs when enough propane is in the air to displace the oxygen. You’re not taking in enough oxygen when you breathe in that air. Over time, this can cause catastrophic injuries or asphyxiation.

To help, make sure you store your propane tank in a well-ventilated area. It’s also important to stick to your regular maintenance schedule to ensure your tank, connecting hoses, and other equipment are in good working condition.

Propane Tank Inspections

Regular propane tank inspections are critical to safe propane use. During your maintenance check, a skilled technician will inspect your tank for:

  • Rust or other damage
  • Loose fittings or connections
  • Properly working safety controls

At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we’re ready to help you with your propane tank and detector maintenance. Our comprehensive inspection will ensure your home and family are safe.

Schedule Propane Delivery With SOS Xtreme Comfort

SOS Xtreme Comfort is New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania’s heating and cooling experts. Since 1934, we’ve helped families stay warm in their homes with reliable propane heating sources.

We have a company-owned fleet of 15 tank trucks and 18 service vehicles, so we can get to your home and tank no matter how harsh the weather. Our industry-leading technology improves delivery performance and reduces paperwork.

To schedule propane tank maintenance or repair in the tri-state area, call NJ: (973) 827-8179, PA: (570) 618-8055, or NY: (845) 351-4700 today.

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