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Protect Your Health By Maintaining Your Heating System

Posted On: December 19, 2016

If you want to maintain clean and healthy air in your home, you have to make sure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally. Everyone in the home will benefit from clean air and their health will improve as well. Poor indoor air quality, however, can have a hand in making people feel ill. Following are a few important things to know about your home heating system and how it can impact your health.

How Your Heating System Can Cause Illnesses

People use their home heating and cooling systems all throughout the year to maintain ambient temperatures indoors. Sadly, if these systems are not maintained or installed correctly, they won’t work like they’re supposed to. Consequently, this can lead to some pretty troubling issues. In cases like these, it is possible for your heating system to make you and other household members ill. The heating system in your home can make you sick in both direct and indirect ways.

Your Heating System Can Cause Illnesses Through:

1. A Gas Leak

Gas leaks such as carbon monoxide leaks are among the most direct ways in which heaters can make homeowners and their families ill. Inhaling carbon monoxide gas can be deadly. To prevent gas leaks of this type, it is absolutely vital to have your heating system checked by professionals. They can look for signs of wear and tear or corrosion that could lead to a gas leak. Your HVAC maintenance team will look for existing gas leaks and evidence of a potential leak that might be looming in the future.

2. Build-Ups of Allergens

Likewise, accumulations of allergens like dirt and other debris within your furnace or heating system can also make you ill. This is why you have to have your heating system maintained on a regular basis by professionals. This is vital for promoting high indoor air quality and for protecting the health of all those who live in your home.

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How Your Heating System Can Indirectly Result In Illness:

Increasing The Likelihood Of Illness By Suppressing Immune System Functioning

Some scientists assert that our immune systems are much less effective in fighting off illnesses and colds than they were in the past, before people had central heating and air systems. According to these researchers, the reduced amount of exposure to the elements causes this. In addition to this, they are living in constant indoor climates, although the temperatures outdoors are always fluctuating. We certainly see the point in this idea. Even though this isn’t a suggestion to engage in unnecessary exposure, it is certainly food for thought.

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In the final analysis, you should have your heating system regularly inspected. Regular inspections and routine maintenance can reduce the likelihood of your becoming ill as the result of your home heating system. Hire certified HVAC professionals who are well-versed in their trade. You don’t want to hire an inexperienced provider who is unwilling or incapable of doing the job right.

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