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Monroe Heater Repair Contractor Discusses The Importance Of Maintaining Your Heating System

Posted On: January 31, 2016

technician performing a heating repairMaintaining your heating system should be high on your priority list, as repairs can be quite costly if such systems are not properly serviced on a regular basis. If you are like most homeowners, you heavily rely on your cooling and heating system all year long, and valuable units of this type are expensive. Therefore, it is in your best interest to protect your investment and maintain the comfort of your home through proper checkups and maintenance.

Tips On Scheduling Heater Maintenance Service By Monroe Heating Contractor

Annual preseason checkups are a good idea, as contractors are typically busier during summer and winter. However, if you suspect a problem during the heart of the season, contact a professional immediately and ask to be squeezed in as quickly as possible. If you hear predictions of a harsh winter, have your system evaluated by a professional in early fall.

General Maintenance

General maintenance checkups should include everything from testing the unit’s thermostat and tightening electrical connections to voltage measurements on the system’s motor. Problems such as faulty electrical connections can reduce the lifespan of major parts of your system, as well as create an unsafe environment at home.

Plugged drains can negatively affect indoor humidity levels and cause water damage. For this reason, the drain in your heat pump or furnace when in cooling mode must be evaluated for excess condensation.

The system’s timing mechanism must also be examined for any problems that would cause it to start, stop, or run in an improper or erratic pattern. A heating unit that does not turn off at the appropriate time will drive up your fuel and electric bill. Similarly, a unit that does not click on when necessary results in a cold and drafty house.

Finally, general maintenance of a heating system should include having all oil or gas connections checked, as well as a proper evaluation of the unit’s heat exchanger, burner combustion and gas pressure. Connections that are not operating in a proper manner can contribute to health problems for the residents of your home and create a fire hazard. In addition, a cracked heat exchanger or dirty burner can make the burner malfunction. Such problems ultimately lead to major repairs, as the system eventually fails to operate in a safe and efficient manner.


Heating system maintenance saves you money and extends the life of your unit. Regular checkups also prevent future heater repair in Monroe, NY and ensure that issues are dealt with before other components of the system are ruined from the initial malfunctioning part.

Indoor air quality is also better when such systems are maintained on a regular basis. Studies show that in homes where asthma or allergy sufferers reside, proper maintenance helps to improve the quality of the air within the dwelling. More efficient airflow and better temperature control can also be enjoyed by your entire family when the system is tuned up on a regular basis.

Finally, manufacturers typically require regular maintenance and servicing of your heating system or they may not honor its warranty. Therefore, it is essential to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements regarding this aspect, as the last thing you want is to discover you have inadvertently forfeited your warranty. If you have concerns about your heating unit or want to have it evaluated for potential problems, contact a professional as soon as possible and schedule an appointment.

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