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Top 7 Benefits Of Using An Aqua-Pure Water Filter For Your Home

Posted On: June 6, 2016

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable to only drink and bathe in treated water to avoid ingesting harmful contaminants. One of the best ways to purify water is by using a good water filter. By using a water filter in your Cornwall, NY home, this can assure you that the water that you are using to cook, bathe, and drink is safe and healthy. With that in mind, here are the top 7 benefits of using an Aqua-Pure water filter for your home.

Remove Contaminants

Unfiltered water may contain organisms or dirt that could cause health problems such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, typhoid and even skin irritation. Unfortunately, most of these contaminants are microscopic. This means that water that looks clean to the naked eye may contain thousands of disease-causing organisms. Luckily, an Aqua-Pure water filter can remove these contaminants, thereby reducing the risk of developing serious health issues.

Reduce Risk Of Certain Cancers

Using filtered water reduces the risk of certain cancers such as rectal, bladder, and colon cancer. In fact, the Council of Environmental Quality says that people who drink chlorinated water are more likely to develop cancer compared to people who do not drink chlorinated water. In other words, despite been used to treat water for centuries, chlorine is not entirely safe for human consumption.

Cheaper Than Bottled Water

A water filter will help you save money over the long term compared to bottled water. This is because manufacturers now produce quality water filters that are generally cheaper than the cost of purchasing bottled water over time.

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Remove Toxins

An article published by the WHO says that water found in rivers, ponds, dams, and lakes contains cyanobacterial toxins that are known to poison humans and animals as well. In addition, researchers involved in the Ralph Nader Study Group found that the drinking water consumed in the US contains more than 2,100 carcinogens. Luckily, water filters can eliminate such toxins and effectively turn contaminated water into safe drinking water.

Remove Lead

Lead in drinking water is harmful because it can cause anemia, stunted growth, learning and behavior problems, hearing problems, as well as hyperactivity and low IQ. This is according to the EPA. Additionally, lead can accumulate in the body over time and cause serious health issues later. Once again, water filters can remove lead from water making it safe to drink.

Protect The Health Of Children

Clean water is essential for the health of young children including proper physical and mental development. For example, figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that lead in drinking water causes 480,000 learning disorders in children. Moreover, such water can cause certain birth defects.

Better Tasting Water

A water filter not only eliminates contaminants, but also improves the taste of drinking water. For instance, Aqua water products rely on EWT water filtering technology to produce tasty drinking water.


A good water filter can help protect you and your family from waterborne pathogens and diseases. More specifically, using an Aqua-Pure water filter for your home will help you purify your water, protect the health of your children, reduce the risk of developing certain cancers and improve the quality and taste of your drinking water.

Get healthy by installing an Aqua-Pure water filter today. SOS XTREME Comfort® can install and maintain it for you. We highly recommend an Aqua-Pure and believe that you will be happy with it as well. A water treatment system will change your life especially since water is so fundamental. You cook with it, bathe with it, and drink it. We would love to answer any questions that you might have so be sure to call us today. We also specialize in HVAC repairs, installation, maintenance, and tune-ups. When you have any questions on your air conditioning unit or need air conditioning repair, contact SOS XTREME Comfort® or, give us a call at 845-351-4700. We service Cornwall, NY and all surrounding areas.


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