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We are Industry Leaders in All Types of Heating Systems

Posted On: October 8, 2015

sos xtreme trucks working at a houseThe two most critical factors when purchasing a new heating system are efficiency and comfort. There are many choices available, and we are an industry leader in both. SOS XTREME Comfort® goes above and beyond to ensure that the equipment we install will work trouble-free for as long as possible.

Understanding available technology will allow you to make an informed choice about your new heating system, such as whether to buy a single stage, two stage, or modulating furnace.

Single stage furnaces always run at 100% of their capacity. This includes heat output and blower speed. Two stage furnaces are capable of running at 60% of their capacity most of the time and only run at 100% on the coldest days. Two stage furnaces can make a significant difference in both comfort and efficiency during “shoulder seasons,” spring and fall, when the demand for heat is less. This leads to greater overall comfort and efficiency by better meeting demand for heat.

Modulating furnaces modulate their heat output to perfectly match heating demand at all times. Modulating furnaces factor in several pieces of information when running and are constantly measuring their performance against the need for heat in your home.

Modulating furnaces can run from 40% to 100% of their ability and they move up and down in 1% increments. This can help eliminate temperature swings in your home and lead to low costs.

Two stage and modulating furnaces are built with higher efficiency blower motors and fan motors that feature soft start capabilities for ultra-quiet operation. In some models, the variable speed blower will self-adjust to meet the exact air flow required. Two stage and modulating furnaces also offer the highest level of efficiency available with some models reaching 98%.

Whichever type you choose, depend on SOS XTREME Comfort for superb service and expert installation, not to mention great pricing and excellent products. Read more about our boilers and our furnaces.

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