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Blooming Grove: Propane Boiler Installation

The Greenfield household had a fuel oil boiler heating system that was over 20 years old. Their home heating oil storage tank needed to be replaced due to its age and the formation of rust on the tank. Additionally, the oil boiler heating system was over 20 years old and was just not performing at the levels it needed to in order to keep the Greenfield family comfortable. The decrease in efficiency of the old heating system was having a direct negative impact on their monthly heating bills.

Space Savings, Costs Savings and More Comfort in Blooming Grove!

Problem: Rusty old oil tank that needed to be replaced prior to starting to leak. Also, the oil boiler heating system was over 20 years old and need replacement. The old oil tank was consuming valuable space in the garage and the homeowner wanted to recoup this square footage.

Solution: We installed an underground 1,000 gallon propane storage tank to replace the old oil tank. We also installed a Viessmann Vitodens WB1B-35 wall mounted condensing propane gas boiler coupled with a Vitodens CombiPLUS hot water system.

The Greenfields are ecstatic with their new heating system. In addition to  the cost savings that they will experience due to the dramatic increase in energy efficiency, they are extremely comfortable in their home. We were able to install this system within in 4 days and left their home in better condition than we found it.

Additional Bonuses?

The old heating oil boiler and water heater.

The Greenfields were able to reach the goal of reclaiming space in their home. The combination heating system and hot water system take up less space inside and due to the removal of the oil tank in their garage, they are now able to move their Corvette sports car from a storage unit into the garage!

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The propane tank was free and because of these cost savings, the Greenfields decided to buy a propane powered backup generator. In addition to having a high efficiency boiler and hot water system, less space being consumed in the home and a lower monthly energy bill, they will also have back-up power in the event of electrical outages! This heating oil to propane gas conversion provide many benefits to this Blooming Grove household.

Increasing the Property Value: Propane Boiler Installation Blooming Grove

By choosing this type of system and converting his home from heating oil to propane, the owner has added better functionality and increased the long term property value by choosing the best boiler heating system technology available in the residential market.

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