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Boiler Services in Stony Point, New York

With brutal and unpredictable New York winter weather, homeowners want a responsive heating system, and some older homes still have boiler heat as their heating source. While reliable, if your older system is problematic or repair costs are high, you can turn to us for expert solutions.

SOS Xtreme Comfort is a family-owned and -operated business serving Stony Point homeowners since 1934. We specialize in superior HVAC, heating, oil, and propane delivery services. We offer the highest quality products and have a fleet of dependable tank trucks, service vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

Whether you need routine boiler service, an emergency boiler repair, or a boiler installation, our highly trained technicians are up to the job. We provide transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and also offer budget plans.

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Reliable Boiler Repairs

Boilers are among the most durable heating systems and aren’t usually prone to breakdowns. However, they’ll require service from time to time.

Our technicians have experience in every boiler system and can quickly and efficiently make boiler repairs. We also offer payment terms that can fit your budget and have online coupons to maximize your savings.

Signs you need a boiler repair include:

  • It makes strange noises.
  • Your boiler leaks or is rusting.
  • The pilot light won’t stay on or is yellow.
  • You have low water pressure or no heat.

We can deliver in a blizzard! For the fastest boiler repairs day or night in Stony Point, call (845) 351-4700 or contact us online

Boiler Replacement & Installation

Among the best heating systems for colder climates, boilers are more traditional heating options that can satisfy your home’s demand even on the coldest days. They circulate hot water through your pipes, and only a licensed professional should oversee your boiler installation or replacement.

In addition to servicing furnaces, ductless systems, water heaters, and heat pumps, we offer professional boiler installation and boiler replacement. Our work isn’t complete until you’re satisfied.

The benefits of installing a new boiler system include increased efficiency, long-term cost savings, less repair work, and lower energy costs. New boilers are also more compact, so they take up less space in your home.

Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

If your boiler is 10 to 15 years old, has mechanical problems, and requires frequent repairs, consider replacing it.

As a general rule, price a new unit, and if your repair costs are half or more than that amount, think about an upgrade. You’re investing in a major appliance that will be dependable for years to come.

Request a free quote online or call (845) 351-4700 for installation in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. Use a discount code when you call.

Boiler Maintenance

Your boiler system is a powerful piece of equipment. To help limit breakdowns and extend its life span, schedule routine service tune-ups. Our EPA-certified technicians can catch problems early and make repairs. You’re optimizing your system’s performance and improving its safety and efficiency while lowering energy costs.

Tune-ups include cleaning, flushing, calibration, and inspections. For trustworthy service backed by decades of experience, trust SOS Xtreme Comfort.

Schedule routine boiler maintenance today and sign up for our discounted All Access Coverage plan for added savings. Contact us online or call (845) 351-4700.

Schedule Boiler Service in Stony Point, NY

Responsive heat keeps your home warm regardless of the forecast. If your boiler isn’t performing satisfactorily or you want to upgrade energy efficiency, let us know. With over 80 years of experience, SOS Xtreme Comfort specializes in exceptional HVAC solutions.

Top-ranked with Home Advisor, we’re participating partners in the Energy Efficiency Program. We offer comprehensive boiler solutions for your home comfort needs because we’re committed to putting customers first.

Learn more about boiler service options in the Stony Point, New York, area. Contact us online for boiler services or call (845) 351-4700

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