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Emergency Gas Furnace, Heater and AC Repair Service in Haworth, NJ

SOS XTREME Comfort® provides the best heating and cooling repair services in Haworth. Our technicians are trained in the very latest technology and can work on all brands of oil, propane, electric and gas heating systems and central air conditioning systems.
We service, repair and install:

  • Oil Heat Systems
  • Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Heating Systems
  • Propane Heating Systems
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

At SOS XTREME Comfort®, we specialize in creating comfortable environments in homes and businesses. We have been helping customers in and around Haworth since 1934. Give us a call today to get your heating or cooling system serviced or installed.

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In addition to servicing Haworth we also service the following nearby towns:
Allendale, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, Emerson, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, Harrington, Haworth, Hillsdale, Mahwah, Montvale, New Milford, Northvale, Norwood, Oakland, Park Ridge, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Saddle River, Tenafly, Town Of Washing, Waldwick, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake
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Q: What does HVAC signify?
A: You may have heard this term before. It is generally used in the industry to refer to your heating and cooling system. It literally stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Q: What type of care do I need to do on my heating and air conditioning unit?
A: The solution to HVAC care is correct airflow. This indicates that just about anything that minimizes airflow should be quickly resolved. Things like dust, debris, or dirt should be removed. Your air filters should constantly be clean for proper circulation. An annual tune-up on your AC should be planned in the spring season and an annual tune-up on your furnace should be set up in the fall.
Q: Why do I have to replace my air filter?
A: Keeping your air filter clean is the essential to an efficient working HVAC system. Consequently, it is important to switch it out when it gets filthy. Your air filter might not look like it does a lot but, in reality, it is a key component for the operation of your machine. It keeps your home dust-free while protecting against you from being subjected to allergens and germs. A dirty filter puts strain on your system’s motor. It makes it run inefficiently and it will not cool or heat your house properly. When it runs inefficiently, then it makes it work harder to do its job. The harder it works, the more it costs you. Make sure to check your filters regularly. If it is filthy, then be sure to swap it out for a brand-new one. Regardless of the fact that the kind of filter that you buy might instruct you to change it out every 90 days, some variables will alter how frequently you will need to swap it out. These variables include animals and whether or not the environment that you live in is dusty. An experienced Haworth HVAC service provider will have the capacity to advise you on what type of filter operates best for your type of system.
Q: How do I figure out when to change out my air filter?
A: The need to replace your filter changes from one residence to another. Some home or apartments are dustier or have furry household pets which will entail a filter change more often. It is advised to examine it on a monthly basis. Some households need to change their filter each month. Some households will need to change it every 90 days. This holds true if the house is using a superior quality filter and certain variables that make a filter dirtier more frequently are not present. Regardless, check it once a calendar month and if it looks dirty, then make sure to change it out.
Q: How do I comprehend when my AC system, central heater, or HVAC system is still under warranty?
A: Your equipment should have a label on it. Find the label and find the manufacture date. Usually, if it is no more than 5 years old, then it is still under warranty. This often tends to change by manufacturer and installation company. Your HVAC service company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®, should be able to tell you and verify the status of your manufacturer’s warranty.
Q: What are the sources of indoor air pollution?
A: Indoor air pollution is a problem that should be dealt with by all house owners. This is specifically the case for house owners who have a newly built home. These houses are built so tightly that they do not ventilate as well as older homes do. A tightly built home allows for the best energy efficiency. Having said that, it means that homeowners ought to have a whole house ventilation system to prevent being exposed. Contributors to indoor air pollution are:

  • Carpet
  • Home furniture
  • Drapes or window curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Chemical cleaning products

These items release fumes and gases that build up. The accumulation of these gases and fumes is the primary reason for indoor air pollution.
Q: Should I cover up my outside unit through the wintertime?
A: Do not cover your unit. These machines are constructed to tolerate the coldest of winter times. If a circumstance were to result where an individual in your home turns on the AC when it is covered, then several issues can develop. Primarily, your condenser and its parts could be majorly damaged.
Q: What should I turn my thermostat to: on or auto?
A: You should really choose the ‘auto setting’. This means that air will be distributed throughout your house on an ‘as need’ basis. It is the more energy efficient setting of the two. When you set your thermostat to the ‘on’ position, it runs constantly. Although this gives an even temperature within your home, it also takes a lot more energy. It is recommended to use the ‘auto’ setting so that you don’t have great home heating and cooling costs.
Q: I have bought an updated furnace and air conditioning system. How long should I presume it to last?
A: This completely depends on a number of variables. When you get a brand-new furnace or air conditioner, they are assembled to last around 15-20 years. It should really be noted that cooling and heating systems become less energy efficient as they age. As a result, a 12 year old HVAC system will not be as energy efficient as a brand-new one. You can really help your current unit last and perform more efficiently by adequately maintaining it. Proper installation also plays a role in the service life of an HVAC system. Make sure that it is installed correctly by choosing a reputable Haworth HVAC company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®.
Q: How can I make my unit work even more efficiently without needing to upgrade it?
A: The very best strategy to keep your system running adequately is by merely caring for it. You need to have your air conditioning system serviced in the springtime before you start to use it frequently in the summer. Additionally, you will want to have your heater serviced in the fall before the cold winter weather comes. Studies confirm that homeowners who do not maintain their system two times a year, have less efficient systems by nearly 5% -10%. Likewise, as a property owner , you need to replace your filters as frequently as required. Be sure to use filters that have high efficiency ratings in order to keep your system clean. Your system has to breathe so do not shut your register or vents. Keep clutter away from your outside unit. You need to allow for proper circulation.
Q: I want to purchase a new heating/cooling system. How do I choose the ideal one for me?
A: First and foremost, you will need to think about the size of the unit. Don’t be drawn to buy an over-sized unit, assuming that it will heat or cool your home a lot faster than a smaller sized one. Some homeowners believe that a smaller unit will lower their home heating and cooling charges. A unit that is too small will not save money on your power expenses. Some individuals have the misunderstanding that size is an option. In fact, it is not. The size of your machine should match the size of your ductwork. If not, your home will not feel comfortable and your energy bills will increase. A Haworth, New Jersey HVAC specialist will be able to help you determine what size your home needs for it to do its job efficiently. A carefully sized unit will keep your home comfortable and in an energy efficient manner. Make sure to ask your HVAC expert about operating expenses for the brand-new system that you want. Be sure to choose one that pays itself off. New systems are so energy efficient that you will undoubtedly see a difference on your electricity costs and that is how you get a return from your investment decision.
Q: Will an updated Haworth HVAC system lower my energy bills?
A: An updated unit, especially when compared to much older systems, are significantly more energy efficient. It can save as much as 50% on operating costs. More recent designs have a 13 SEER which is the minimum efficiency standard by law.
Q: I want to landscape my backyard in the spring season. Can I plant near my outdoor unit?
A: Landscaping your home is enjoyable and a fantastic way to spruce up your outdoor areas. When it relates to your outdoor equipment, you will have to take care. It needs to have space to be able to breathe. This suggests that you have to provide 18 inches over and around your unit for correct air circulation. This will permit it to perform as wanted to ensure that your home will feel comfortable. If you take the risk of planting too close to it, then you may possibly find yourself necessitating an avoidable repair job.

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