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Heating Oil Leaks: Associated Dangers & Prevention

Posted On: December 9, 2015

Since the cold season has arrived, most homeowners are taking advantage of the inexpensive heating oil prices by filling up their tanks. Consumers who use oil heat are aware that this is the the busiest time of year for heating oil delivery companies. However, it is also a great time of year to have your heating oil tank and heating oil system inspected. If you are already planning on having a technician come to your house to refill your tank, then you could take advantage of this by having them do a full inspection. By doing this, you will ensure that your family stays safe and warm during the winter.
Another good reason to have your tank checked for potential issues is because the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is warning homeowners to be aware of heating oil leaks in their homes. Click through to learn more on this topic.

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