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Furnace Odors You Should Worry About

Posted On: November 7, 2016

woman with a close pin over her noseMost homeowners are turning on their heater for the season if they haven’t already done so. When your heating system gets turned on, you may notice there may be some unusual odors. While some odors are normal and harmless, there are others that are not. These particular odors are the ones that you should be worried about. If there is a strange smell coming from the furnace, this is definitely something that needs to be considered. In this article, we will discuss which odors you might encounter and which ones you should be concerned about.


Initially, when the furnace is turned on for the season, it is common to have a strange odor. Usually any dust that has settled during over the summer will burn off. This is the smell that you are detecting. If you can still smell it after a couple of days, then it is definitely time to have the furnace inspected by a professional. Hire someone to come to the home to address the situation and figure out whether or not this particular smell is a concern.

Natural Gas Smells

Many people are unaware of the fact that natural gas doesn’t smell like anything. Because of this, utility companies combine the smell of sulfur to the natural gas so that homeowners can determine when there is a leak. If it seems as if this is a strong odor, it is definitely time for a furnace inspection. In the meantime, open the windows to the home so that the smell can leave without causing any concern regarding a fire or even possibly someone getting sick from inhaling the natural gas.

Electrical Odors

This is another smell that is easy to verify. Basically, it is the smell of something burning. This could be a blower motor that is not functioning properly. It could also be wiring which is overheated.

Something else that needs to be addressed is the possibility of an air filter that needs to be changed. This is going to restrict proper flow of air which means the motor is going to work harder and eventually overheat.

As soon as an issue has been determined, turn the furnace off and call a contractor to come to the home to address the situation. In the meantime, pay close attention to the furnace to make sure that it is not in danger of catching on fire.

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Burning Smell

This is a smell that is very common, the smell of electrical wiring. It is very common for particles to get trapped inside the duct work for the home. When this happens, it is common to have smoke and even sometimes a fire. Anytime there is a smell of smoke inside the family home, call 911 even if it is difficult to determine where the source of the fire happens to be.

Oil Smells

Sometimes, the smell of burning oil is a concern as well. Basically, if there is an oil leak on the motor from the furnace, it is going to get hot and cause a horrible smell which will travel throughout the home. When this happens, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Quite often, it is a simple fix that a repairman can take care of within a matter of minutes. Take good care of this furnace and rest assured that it will function properly when needed.

The furnace is definitely one of the more important appliances in the family home. Because of this, it needs to be well taken care of by someone with experience. Set up a furnace repair appointment today and someone will diagnose any concerns.

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technician performing a furnace tune-upMany homeowners make the mistake of dismissing any furnace odors that they smell. Some of these odors are caused by serious issues and can be dangerous. It is important that you get your heating system checked out by a professional HVAC company so that they can get your furnace back in working order. This will allow for your home to feel warm and comfortable while keeping your family safe and sound. Additionally, a system that is maintained well is also a system that is energy efficient. This will keep your home heating costs down and your home more comfortable.

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